Make your Github homepage unique

Mofei Zhu

As a professional coder, when you roam on Github, the world's largest gay dating site, you must be tired of the same personal homepage. for example:

So is there a way to make your homepage look more personalized? For example, this:

Come on, show!

Actually, the whole process is very simple. We just need to create a project with the same name as the username in our Githbu, and then you will see a mysterious little pop-up box: "You found a little secret..."


The next thing to do is: make sure the project is public and has a file. Then go back to your homepage, you will find the content of this file has been elegantly displayed in your personal homepage. Then it's time for the Eight Immortals to cross the sea and show their magical powers. We can edit this file according to our own ideas to make cool custom displays.

Of course, if you have no inspiration yet, you can check out this project, many people have uploaded some interesting homepage templates in this project, such as:

You can use it as a reference or borrow (Tou) directly!

Alright, let's try it! If you think the template you made is very beautiful, you can also leave the address in the message for everyone to appreciate and exchange!